Feb 07

To date, the public response to the Tracks of Giants presentations by both Ian Michler and myself has far exceeded our expectations. There is no doubt about it – today, the general public is far more aware of current environmental issues than ever before. This is both heart-warming and encouraging. There are a lot of unsung champions of the environment in our midst. I would like to call them keystone individuals.

Ian and I will be presenting in Johannesburg on the 12th and 13th Feb, at Wilderness Safaris, the Darwin Room and the SAB auditorium on the evening of 13th Feb.

Here is a poem which I wrote in celebration of the Tracks of Giants project …

Sometimes, the solutions to human – animal conflict issues are best defined by the animals themselves. It is a way of asking their permission.

To walk in the wake of elephants,

to be small in a world of giants

to learn the spoor of silence,

and the deep rumbling eloquence

of kin.


To move in the skin of elephants,

to feel the alliance of sand,

the contours of land

and the far reaching pull

of water.


To be alive to the sway of elephants,

to remember the songs of seasons,

the ancient lines of migrations,

and loosen your reasons

for fences


To wake up to the web of intelligence,

to the wild origins of sentience,

to find your voice and raise it,

that others may raise theirs’

for elephants.


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