Feb 07

To date, the public response to the Tracks of Giants presentations by both Ian Michler and myself has far exceeded our expectations. There is no doubt about it – today, the general public is far more aware of current environmental issues than ever before. This is both heart-warming and encouraging. There are a lot of unsung champions of the environment in our midst. I would like to call them keystone individuals.

Ian and I will be presenting in Johannesburg on the 12th and 13th Feb, at Wilderness Safaris, the Darwin Room and the SAB auditorium on the evening of 13th Feb.

Here is a poem which I wrote in celebration of the Tracks of Giants project …

Sometimes, the solutions to human – animal conflict issues are best defined by the animals themselves. It is a way of asking their permission.

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Zandvlei Trust – Following in the Tracks of GIANTS

Feb 06

A talk presentation by Ian McCallum about the journey he, friends and other travellers undertook, to explore external and internal answers to the environmental issues and the future expansion and development we all face in southern Africa.
Another part of the journey was to meet, travel with, and acknowledge some of the many unknown giants of conservation in the 6 countries travelled. In the background they were seeking information, understanding, realisations and to find solutions to promote, encourage and institute biodiversity corridors linking the present large conservation areas of southern Africa.


This was a 5000 kms journey by foot, bicycle and kayaks, taking about 4 months.The support crew were the only motorised personnel. Sharon, Ian’s wife was the Project Manager and based at times in Cape Town, co-ordinating all the logistics of the peoples needs, arrivals, departures, supplies arrivals, destinations. Entry and exit permits to countries and reserves were just some of the issues dealt with.
The planning and recce took about a year before the departure. There were 4 film makers along and a documentary is planned for release in 2014. Also Ian will do a presentation to the World Wilderness Congress in October this year which is to be held in Salamanca, Spain.

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